If you are looking for Mead, you have found it.

 Ministry of Mead

In fact, we think you may have found some of the best Mead you have ever tried.

With a small batch artisan approach to all of our Meads, we often sell out of lines before the next batch is ready. 

Some of our batches are one off creations and will not be repeated again and of course all of our Honey n Oak range are seasonal honeys.  No two seasons are the same and neither are any two of our barrels. 

We can't quite claim to make my Mead from scratch: the bees do some ground work first, but we do start with a wide range of fresh honeys and take it from there. 

All Meads that I produce are small batch and handcrafted with quality ingredients, and then of course aged with an equal amount of care and detail. All of our Meads are aged appropriately and most are only released after a year or so of ageing, some longer.

A wide range of barrels, some with very interesting pasts, are used and meads are matched to barrels carefully. The barrel influence is a major distinction in our meads, it adds a character and quality that can come from no where else.

Mead, also known as Honey Wine, has been around for centuries and is said by many to be the oldest fermented drink. It has a history across all continents and has developed different styles across the globe.

Being rescued from the history books and now increasing in popularity at a rapid rate, Mead is popping up everywhere in different forms. Its resurgence is not being driven by the re-enactment movement, rather it is the mainstream public driving this renaissance of a traditional product.

There are many different styles of Mead. Some are served like one would serve a wine, sometimes with a bit of sparkle and with an alcohol level of 12-18%. Even in this style, there are several Mead types. Wine style Meads can be very dry, extremely sweet or anywhere in between.

Metheglins are Meads made with the addition of Herbs, I make a range of metheglins, though tend to refer to them simply as Meads rather than using the Metheglin moniker with them. The word Medicine has evolved from Metheglin.

Melomels are Meads made with the addition of fruit. I also make a range of Melomels, though like Metheglins, I would rather simply call them Meads than categorise them. I would much rather make amazing Mead than spend time discussing categorising it. 

I am constantly making new batches of Mead and try to keep this website up to date with what is in the pipeline.



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