Dried Banana Mead


This is smooth and rich and tastes like dried bananas and honey with a hint of oak. It is very easy drinking. I like it really well chilled.

Lush and a bit sweet and sitting at an ABV of 17% this is definitely a sipping mead, not one to be drunk by the mead horn. 

Crafted from dried bananas those rich dark dried fruit sugars shine through with the banana. This is not over the top banana, it is nicely prominent, yet also restrained and very well balanced with the oak.

Aged for six months in a set of large glass carboys before before being transferred to an old oak barrel for the same amount of resting time results in something really exquisite. .

This pairs well with, and stands up to, rich chocolate deserts. 


It shares well with someone special. 

Dried Banana Mead