Viking Style Mead

Ministry of Mead Using only ingredients that were endemic to the Nordic region, this mead is full of all the flavours a Viking had at hand when they were not off pillaging.

It is not necessarily a recipe they would have used, they wrote nothing down, we do know that they did barrel age some of their meads, so this is a mead that could well have been made by the Nords back in the day. We do acknowledge they would not have used an ex bourbon cask like we did.

The ingredient list in this is full of obscure and forgotten ingredients such as mugwort, meadowsweet, yarrow, hawthorn berries and the like. There are some familiar friends in there also, chamomile, calendula and elderflower to name a few.

This is a big mead and is full of flavours, it is not subtle though it is also not challenging. Nor is it sweet in any way at all. If you think all mead is sweet, this one will change your mind.