Chai Spiced Mead

Is it slightly sweet or is it slightly dry?

Not too sweet, not too dry, a nice level of spice, but certainly not challenging and just enough acid and oak to make it an interesting and well thought out drink, as well as a crowd pleaser.


Each of the spices used in this recipe is handled for the best flavour extraction: the nutmeg, allspice and star anise are all toasted and ground in a traditional pestle and mortar, three types of cinnamon are used, and added at different points along the way as are some other specially sourced spices.

The Ecuadorian Vanilla pods spend their time in the barrels as a last addition before the barrel takes up its role in the flavour development. 

Time serves this mead well. As its flavours are combining and it is learning some harmony it is of course picking up the stories of the previous occupants of that barrel, these stories help shape it and no two batches of this are quite the same. Though we doubt that most would notice this variation.

This is an incredibly approachable mead. A balance of honey and spice, enough layers of complexity to keep the epicure discovering and nodding their head, but there is nothing that challenges the drinker who is simply looking for a clean and fresh spiced mead.