Faerie Tinkle


This is a light hearted and fun Mead, it was not intended to be serious, but it is seriously delicious with its floral notes, its hints of herbs and the delicate honey undertones.

The hue is mesmerising and comes from the butterfly pea flower petals. The local forest honey is fruity and full of flavour that shines through. 

The herbal notes come from the Lemon Myrtle and Rosemary and just a hint of lavender takes it all to a Faerie Tinkle type of place.

As fun as the tinkle is, there is enough flavour complexity and sophistication to keep the beverage epicure satisfied, but really, we have other meads for serious tasting: this one is all about fun.

Add some lemon to this mead, and it becomes a lighter pink. Add some lemonade and it becomes a really bright and refreshing afternoon drink.

Add a friend and it becomes an occasion.





We asked a few people at a local market to tell us what they thought of this, here is the feedback:-


Florals on the nose immediately, not that easy to distinguish which flowers, but definitely flowers in there, not in a florist kind of way, but in a pleasant and nuanced manner. The honey also shines through but you do need to look past that bouquet.

First taste is flowers and then the mind tricks that come with the purple liquid, is that purple jelly I can taste? There is a fruity taste to it, again hard to identify the fruit, but definitely a fruity taste. Not sure where that is coming from, the honey perhaps. This is a fun drink, it is also a grown up's drink. 

Josh – Crookwell NSW

This is a really pleasant collection of flavours that just work really well together.

The after flavour is honey and petals, but is not a lingering finish.

Georgina - Berrima NSW

Makes me want to put flowers in my hair and move to Nimbin.

Naomi – Canberra