The Elders

Ministry of Mead Elders Mead
Ministry of Mead Elders Mead

Graceful and approachable, this is an elegant honey wine that quickly captivates one's attention. It is a bright and fresh fruit forward Mead that could easily become one's favourite red of all time.

It is complex, but not demanding on the palate. It finishes clean and leaves a warming afterglow.

The fruit notes are reminiscent of bright red plums and berries. The tannin is sufficient to give the Mead a chance to hang around and be enjoyed fully, but not enough to dry the palate.

The residual sweetness expresses itself as fresh fruit: it brings out the bright notes in the berries without making this a sweet wine. It is semi dry/semi sweet: I will let you decide which descriptions suits it the best.

Not too sweet, not too dry. Not too heavy, not too light. Not too bold, not too shy. Not too dark, not too bright. Not too much oak, not too little. …...... This really is a Goldilocks find.

It will continue to age gracefully in the bottle for the next three to five years, at least.

The 2020 Elders was released for public tasting at Epic in the Valley and was extremely well received, it has since been presented at other tastings and the feedback has been absolutely positive.



Ministry of Mead Elders Mead
The Elders Mead is a balance of Elderflowers and Elderberries