Honey n Oak - Thyme Mead

This is what is referred to as a Classic, or Traditional Mead. It is simply honey water, yeast and oak. There is of course some passion in there too.

Thyme honey is considered a special rarity in the honey world, it is rich and pungent and whilst it is sweet like any other honey, it has a herbal flavour that makes it almost a savoury sweet.

When first fermented this flavour comes through strongly, it is a big and bold flavour that still needs taming. Some time out in an ex bourbon barrel sorts that out nicely.

After fourteen months of relaxation in that re-charred vessel this mead has softened and matured nicely and has resulted in a classic mead that is like no other, it is reminiscent of a very well balanced and complex metheglin, though all of those complex flavours come from the honey.

"It keeps calling me back to it" is something many people have said to us. We think it is exquisite and unique and are confident you will also.

This Mead will be going into bottle soon, this is special, it will be in big demand.