Honey n Oak - Yellow Box Mead

This is what is referred to as a Classic, or Traditional Mead. It is simply honey water, yeast and oak. There is of course some passion in there too.

Yellow Box is Australia's favourite table honey, it is a flavour we are all familiar with.

This is a light and crisp mead that represents an honest and simple mead. The acids and sweetness are well balanced, the honey shines nicely and there is only a slight perception of sweetness. 

Aged in a grand old 300 litre French Oak barrel that spent its former life in an award winning Tasmanian winery holding a special sparkling white wine base.

This Yellow Box Mead is light, it is delicious and it is extremely approachable.

This has been presented to a couple of mead tastings where it was very well received and will be going into bottle soon.